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The Gym on King's extraordinary team of passionate fitness professionals.

Darren Nicholson Gym Owner Newcastle cropped

Darren Nicholson

Owner and Newcastle Local

As a third generation BHP worker, Darren Nicholson wants to see Newcastle become a destination of choice. He purchased the Civic carpark at 291 King Street in 2012 with the vision to create a holistic commercial offering in the heart of Newcastle’s CBD for the next generation of working families.

Having spent most of his life racing powerboats and sailboats all over the world and having experienced many buildings in many cities, he is using his experience and vision for a thriving mixed-use development & accommodation venue that pays respect to those of yesteryear whilst showcasing the place he is proud to call home.

Female trainer in the gym using exercise ball

Kate Corbett

Manager, PT & Group Trainer

Affectionately known as The Smiling Assassin, I've been working in the fitness industry since 2008. I moved from Wollongong to the great city of Newcastle in 2022 and I’m loving it!

Dogs are the best, and I will probably pat your dog before I say hello to you (kidding... maybe!).

I love being around people, seeing others achieve great things and helping them on that journey. I love seeing the changes in people when they feel fit and strong.

It's was amazing being part of the set up process, right from the start, to now seeing people enjoying our space. Come in & check it out!

Female trainer doing demonstration


Gym Staff, PT & Group Trainer

I'm Sylwia! Over a decade ago, I began my weight training journey. I found joy in the process of becoming stronger, fitter, & more confident. My personal transformation inspired me to help others improve their quality of life.

My ultimate passion lies in empowering others to embrace their confidence, challenge themselves & strive for optimal health. I am dedicated to helping YOU uncover the true extent of YOUR capabilities.

If you are seeking more than just a weekly gym session and need unwavering support throughout your journey…I am here to assist you!



Gym Staff & Group Trainer

Hi I'm Zach! Fitness has had a profound impact on my life. I used to struggle with obesity but with some hard work I managed to lose 30kg and I'm now at a healthy weight.

This personal journey inspired me to want to help others on their fitness journey and to truly make a difference in people's lives.

In my free time I like to train Muay Thai. I'm still a beginner at it  but I'm loving it every second of it.

Male Trainer in group exercise room


Gym Staff, PT & Group Trainer

Hi I'm Justin! I've worked in the industry as a personal trainer & coach for around 8 years. I'm a huge fan of functional training and high intensity training.

I've always had a passion for health, fitness & wellness and absolutely feel joy seeing others achieve their own goals.

I'm very personable, full of energy and always up for a chat so don't hesitate to ask for help for say G'day!

Male trainer doing a pull up


Gym Staff, PT & Group Trainer

Hi, I'm Tom! I've been in the fitness industry for a number of years now & I specialise in strength training.

The gym became a big part of my life when I was looking to gain weight, being a skinny kid. 35kg later, I'm not slowing down.

In between prepping for competitions & eating buckets of chicken and rice, I have a passion for using my knowledge to help others reach their goals.



Gym Staff & Group Trainer

Hi I'm Darcy! Fitness has been an amazing outlet for me and a great source of purpose.

I have played high level football for most of my life but injuries prevented me from continuing. In my spare I still like to play sports like Volleyball and Basketball.

Fitness helped me find myself in a difficult transitional period of my life. I love helping others find purpose and confidence that fitness has given me.

Lady doing pilates on a reformer bed


Group Trainer & Pilates Instructor

I've been in the industry since 2018, starting as a sports coach, moving into group fitness and Pilates in 2021, and I'm loving it!

I love running functional fitness classes involving multiple muscle chains to prevent injury & increase mobility. Fitness feels good!

If I'm not in the gym or Pilates studio you will find me soaking up some rays at the beach or studying my fashion design certificate!



Gym Staff

Hello there, I'm Jase. I'm the odd-ball, the quirky one. I have varied tastes & more than a few passions... fashion, food and fitness, the top of the list.

I came from a health & wellbeing background, and the gym and the ocean are my happy places so I've never far from either for long.

I started here as a member and now I wear the uniform with pride along side of this amazingly vibrant team of legends.

Female yoga instructor on the beach


Yoga Instructor

Hi, I'm Brooke. I'm a devoted yoga student, storyteller and seeker of all philosophies that inspire more depth to love and life.

My passion is to bring yoga to life off the mat through mythology and story and creating yoga journeys that ripple beyond body and shape.

Join me on the mat Friday and Saturdays for a heart warming flow to set you up for the weekend.



Gym Staff

Hi, my name is Riley! I started out just training here at Gym On King, but after a stint of work experience, gained a permanent position on the team.

My favourite part of our gym is the culture that has been created. The community spirit is what makes working here so much fun.

In my free time you’ll catch me training, competing in submission grappling events, or chatting about the UFC with Zach.


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